Port Magazine is ‘a global quarterly men’s magazine based in London, merging style with thoughtful, intelligent content.’ 

We were commissioned to paint seven typographic signs to act as section openers in the publication. 

We spent a day in photographer Thomas Brown’s studio painting the seven titles on top of one another on a single wooden board. We painted them in order, leaving a slight ghost of the previous title in each photo. 

We also produced a video, 'Atramentum', to show the process.

Atramentum or atrament, generally means a very black, usually liquid, substance.

"Step forward Bread Collective, brilliant letter-painting artists based in East London... I particularly like the little details such as the paint brushes and rollers in the images, and the fading light in the window as the day drew to an end.”

– Kuchar Swara, Creative Director / Co-publisher,  Port Magazine