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We were asked by STRUT + FIBRE, a new premium online printing service, to be brand ambassadors alongside some of our favourite designers such as Build and Supermundane.

As part of the role, we were asked to design a limited-edition print and business card to be displayed at the launch event. A signed version of our print was auctioned off to the highest bidder, with all proceeds going to the London College of Communication.

About our design:
“The ampersand design is based on a sketch from an old notebook. We created a logotype using a two-colour modular 3D design a while back that was never used, and were interested in how it could be turned into other letterforms. It evolved into its own piece with various re-drawings, experimenting with dimensions and how it would work with limited colours. We liked the idea of using an ampersand as we thought it could represent Strut and Fibre, or the idea of people working or coming together.”

To create added interest at the event, we were also commissioned to paint a large-scale mural onsite, which revealed over the evening. We were excited to see that our graphic was even used on promotional beer cans, which were available exclusively at the launch evening.

More more information on STRUT + FIBRE please click here.


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